Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I'm as gone as yesterday

Hi, I have neglected the blog again, eh. The same old excuses. Work, classes (oh hello new excuse!), hobbies, laziness, etc. 

Every day has become so routine you would think I would have it wrapped around my fingers but alas the world works in mysterious ways, or maybe I'm just too lazy to actually get things done on my time. Why, I have a reputation of procrastination to live up to! 

About a month ago, I started my first teaching gig (yes, I call it a gig because it's like a hobby even though sometimes it takes everything I have) at a college and guess what the subject is? I'll save you from the trouble, it's Economics. Yes. I know. That one subject that I don't really like (read more along the lines of hate) but still manage to score really well and how I regret being so happy thinking I'd never have to touch another Economics book my whole life. Oh how wrong I was. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I go to class with a fuming rage at the subject, no. 

Instead, it's actually pretty cool because it's a challenge to make these students fall in love with a subject that I could not bring myself to love. I know, leave it to me to find silver linings in everything! I try to make the subject as interesting as I possibly can. Like this one time, I used the relationship between Elena, Damon and Stefan to teach a class opportunity cost, that was one of those good times. I think I'm doing pretty okay considering the fact that I have never taught in my life. It's all a learning experience eh, and I'm learning so many new things everyday. It's a blessing in disguise, or that's what I'm telling myself. 

I do love teaching, ah the perks! Having people actually understand the subject because of me, that is beyond amazing! During my third class, one student told me that they enjoy my lectures and that my classes rock! AHH, I was so happy I texted my mentor right away (hi, Mh I donno what I'd do without you) and another time I kind of embarrassed a student by being a bit sarcastic (note to self: DO NOT take anything you teaching mentor says literally) hahahaha. Mistakes are all part of it eh. 

Besides 12 hours of classes and 40 hours of work every week, I also try to keep up with my reading (finished another book in two days, woo-hoo!), watching movies (Soul Surfer made me cry not once but throughout the last hour of the movie, sigh) and trying to watch a season of a series per week which is not going too well because my video player broke down and I always leave my laptop at work and Hipster Sister would die of boredom if I borrow her laptop and Mick won't let me watch anything on her PC. Ugh, what are sisters even for? 

As I get back to more social media work and making exam papers (which btw is harder than I imagined), I hope you have a great week! 

Current Song: Slow Me Down - Sara Evans

So, what have you guys been up to?


  1. Ah. Teaching is fun. This piece reminds me of the time when I taught Economics, which was one of my favourite subjects in school. Must say the VD reference was very clever. Makes me wish I was in one of your classes :)

    1. ah, you also taught Economics? Cool!

      haha, thanks. I don't think my students appreciates it that much.


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