Sunday, April 13, 2014

Perks of dating Draco Malfoy

This is a new segment (thanks to Moonz for the idea!) where I plan to tell you why I think you (and I) should date certain fictional characters (and sometimes even non fictional characters) whom I fancy.

1. Have you seen him? Uh, he is just so handsome and everytime he takes a step it's just perfection. Also that smirk, uh I die. 

2. He's evil and the master of mean comments. 

3. Hello, Malfoy Manor. Dates with him would be so magical and unforgettable.
4. He's totally awesome! 

5. He would totally climb up a tree near your house to talk to you, like in an 80's movie.

6. He's rich and every birthday and on special occassions you bet he'd buy you the best things money can get. 
7. He has a great sense of humour, and while is it somewhat mean, life would never be dull with Draco.

8. He would totally kick ass and if anyone ever makes you cry, you bet his father will hear about it he would personally make sure that person never sees light of the day. He's your knight in dark armour.

9. He's great at making dramatic exits. 

10. He's sensitive and emotional at times. Isn't that what makes the best boyfriends? 

11. His whole family has such good genes, you bet your children would have perfect blonde hair and flawless skin!

12. He is unafraid to cry. A man who breaks down when necessary means he cares. (or maybe I'm wrong here but come on, this is Draco Malfoy!)

13. He is named after a dragon. 

Who would you want to date from the Wizarding World? I have always had a crush on Ron Weasley but also think Hermione is the best for him. Romione forever!


  1. Hehehehe quite a fun read ^_^ Do another character!!

    1. Thaanks! You will find more at the label "self ship"
      glad you liked.

  2. Aint nothing but Dramione. Even though I'm hopelessly in love with Draco and Nev.

  3. Me?... Luna Lovegood❤❤❤

    all the way!

    Clémence Poésy❤ too


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