Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Snail Mail

I have always loved letters, when I was little my dad introduced me to letters and I would write to everyone, my friends, family, the president. After he moved away for work, he would send me a letter every week and I'd respond and it really made me appreciate and value letter writing. Thanks Dad! 

The art of letters nowadays is lost on us, because who wants to spend time penning your thought when you can type away. Between e-mails, Facbook statuses, tweets and Whatsapp messages, we hardly have time to actually sit down, pick up some stationery and write your heart out.

While I do love all the technological advancements bringing us closer in terms of communication, I do love letters. During university days, I would write letters to my favourite classmates every single semester. They still probably have six semester's worth of letters and I was glad to get 2 letters in three years. haha. While I do love getting letters, I don't write in the hopes of getting anything back. I write for the love of it and because it makes me happy. 

I love the smell of paper when it gets old (hello, obsessive book sniffer here!) and I love the way the pen marks shows in paper and I love all the little details like how people put hearts instead of dots on their i's and little quirky things like that feels so good. I found a couple penpals through Instagram and different sites and I have been writing letters. There's something so beautiful about writing a letter to someone in a faraway land that you don't even know! 

Do you wanna be penpals? It doesn't have to be penpals (we could even be emailpals!)

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