Monday, April 19, 2010

Hot To Make Boring Classes Not Boring

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1. Smuggle coke/red bull/any other drink you like and drink whenever teacher’s not looking. Don’t think of this as a rule breaking, but a new way of challenging yourself and also a way to NOT sleep in class.
2. Write lists of stuff like “20 ways to make a certain classmate angry” and pass it to your friends. Believe me, you are doing good by sharing un boringness with classmates
3. Draw random stuff like bunch of flowers, helmets, etc. Just don’t draw vaginas.
4. Sing “We All Live In A Yellow Submarine”. Not so loud though.
5. Try to imagine yourself as someone from a movie. Think of how he/she would tackle a boring class.
6. Randomly call names to find out whether there’s someone names like that.
7. Do a harry potter reference.
8. Call a spell out loud, and act as if noting happened.
9. Look at your teacher right in her/his eyes and try to hypnotize him/her.
10. Don’t come to classes you think is boring. Just make sure you get 80% attendance though.
PS, Don’t try all of this at once.


  1. nice blog.. have a view of my blog when free.. .. do leave me some comment / guide if can.. if interested can follow my blog...

  2. hah! Makes me wish I was in high school again. Though some of these are entirely do-able in my college courses.

    I'll be following your blog. :)

    -Almighty Unicorn

  3. @Mr. Lonely, thanks for visiting by.

    @A.U, awwh. heh. This is actually my tested versions of college life. I wish I knew this back in high school. xD
    thanks xD

  4. Ahaha! I'd be way too scared to do #8 or #6. lol

    By the way...

    I just wanted to let you know that I am one of your followers and have linked your blog on my blog as a way to direct more traffic to your site.

    As a fellow blogger, if you happen to take a look and enjoy my blog, I would appreciate your support as well. By no means do you have to, but it's always nice if you do. :)

    Thank you very much,

    -Almighty Unicorn

  5. @A.U, thanks a bunch. I would drop by. much love

  6. cant help it but as per activity 3, I cant help myself drawing the V evrytime Im bored,:)

    thanks for making myday, writing this comment while at a bored class at villa college. so update the post add this event to do at class, hehehe

  7. @Anony, lol. you must be very good at drawing it then, I bet.
    hehe. I'm glad I could help. xD

  8. what about us burugees listening to music in the class? =P

  9. @mini, hmm, that too. I've never really done that. but i must include that in y bucket list. xD


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