Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rainy Days and Routines

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I love love rainy days, only when I don't have anywhere to go. I love sitting near my doorstep looking at raindrops falling, and the rabbit doing what I call “rain jumps”.I love being in a taxi when it rains, and watching raindrops fall through glass, and watch people running around. I love sleeping when its raining. And I love dancing in the rain, while singing “Just singing in the rain” which is not exactly my fav song from girl guide, but it’s so relevant there. lol
But I also hate when it rains, and I am stuck at one place. The benches at FMC would be all wet, and no cleaning people will be there, and there’s no place else to sit. I donno how they can even call this place a faculty. I also hate when I have to walk in rain, in heels. Eventhough I can walk through puddles and not get my feet wet, my glasses will be all blurry and I cant see a thing.
Enough about rain, which seems to be a usual guest these days.
Today, I woke up and felt so sleepy I thought I'd bunk the class, but then I thought again, and deiced to drag my lazy bum to class, as I don’t want to be the worst class rep in the history of worst class reps. Believe me, I already am. And with my luck, just when I got ready, a classmate called to say the class was cancelled. I’ve never been this sad because a class was canceled. Anyhow, I decided to so something meaningful, like play a chocolate making game. haha. Now I have a major craving for milk chocolate infusions. hmph
Also yesterday I was uber bored so I painted my nails, one hand in Twilight Mansion the other one in Bloody Mary. I love not following the usual nail polish rule of both hands in the same color. haha
Well, I also have lots of movies to watch, write reviews, and stuff. I feel like my life isn't very bollywood after I left hfm, which sucks. And on top of that, I have two assignments and a presentation due next month, which seems  far away, but it’s not. gee. And an exam tomorrow. sheesh!
Wish me luck!


  1. is that a photo of mickie?

    good luck with the exams ^^

  2. @mini, yep thats her. and thankyouh!

  3. Nice blog you got here... Just droppin' by to say hi!

  4. Rain is a lovely natural event. Tonight when after work I decided to walk home in the lovely rain...only to be hit by the nasty wind here. Lesson learned (lesson being to check the weather network before deciding to go for a walk).
    Enjoy your day :)

  5. @tagskie, thankyou so much for the visit.

    @eskimo princess, nice name there. aww. heheh


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