Monday, April 5, 2010


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My life lately has been quite exciting. Well, the start of this month was quite fun, with an exam, where I screwed up. That definitely wasn’t fun. I, as always, managed to get the simple answers wrong, and got all the calculations correct. Even my teacher was a bit shocked. But alas, I’m not!
And then Friday went quite boring. Did laundry and well, slept most of the day. Nothing much done.
Saturday was quite fun, where I was informed about a class just 15 minutes before the class, which led me to go to class almost 45 minutes late. I was very sure the teacher would keep me out/not give me attendance. But, voila! it was my lucky day. I managed to get into class,got attendance and also found out I got a 14.8 out of 15 in my CPT exam. xD
After the class me Ainth went to food bank, and found out they have amazing food at affordable prices. Then there was accounts class, where I found that the desk I was using had a rose drawn. In each petal someone had written 16th April, and there was also a calendar where 16th April was marked as 5 year Anniversary. I decided to give that person some good advice, so I wrote an essay (almost half the width of the desk) how to celebrate that day. I’m pretty sure it would be useful advice for that person. Just then the teacher came and asked what was written on the desk. I quickly hid what I wrote and showed him the rose, and told him how people are drawing roses. LOL. Mischief managed.
Yesterday I had to get up early, to go to another boring lecture. sheesh. But the good thing was in the evening Vicky, a classmate gave us a treat at Dinemore. It was fun. The worst part was not being able to go home, and having to talk about people’s love life, and being tired at accounts class. The fact that it was a combined class with ACCA students and one of the cutest guys was playing lemme hold your hand always with the hottie-so-hot-you-can-even-see-my-butt was NOT helping at all!
Today was better though. I had to get up early, yet again! and it was raining. Class was quite fun, where we had to use PowerPoint. >.< Later I had lunch with Mini, Munshi, Iththi and Muawwaz, which was fun. Right after that I went to FMC to find no one there, and thus went to library and read a book about smoothies. I am quite motivated to make myself an apple mango orange macchiato smoothie! After like one whole hour my friends decided to show up, and we discussed about subsidies in Malaysia in 2005. BORING! I also met with Xef for the first time and also Lilly who looked gorgeous as always. Then my cousins decided to go to bookfair. Yay Me! Bookfair was quite an experience where I for the first time in my life saw someone stealing. And it want just a partay, or a buraanthi, but a two middle aged woman wearing moonu burugaa. We decided we must tell the staff so we did, but they were too chicken/didn't care much to check. So, they were able to go without even realizing what a bad thing they’ve done. I am now led to believe that my generation is actually better than previous ones!
That was practically  what happened in the last few days.
PS, I bought a fashion illustration book. Love love it!
PS2, I hate roses!


  1. FMC ga hunna kahkaa foi thankuge faidhaa ves kurey dho eba kohmes bayakah! LOL
    goodluck with that

  2. wel guess u had a quite a ood experience during so far of the month btw im very curious on knowing what advice u gave to that guy/girl who was crazy about 16th and the 5th anniversary was it 5 months or 5 years:D and what advice did u give.. ooooh im jus so curious :D nice to see your post :D

    P.S. I'll be updating my blog soon ill tweet ya some time when its done i also was thinking about writing on my experience so far but after my Statistic Assignment submission :D

  3. @iththi,
    haha. thankyou. I'll definetely call you for a tasting. LOL

    about the advice. I wrote "If its' a girl, giver her roses.11 real ones, and one plastic. Not white/not yellow. Preferably Red. A perfect guy would give orchids. If it's a guy make him a burger/pizza and watch a romantic movie. A recent one. for eg: The Last song. Not a cheesy one. Have fun!

    Also if this doesnt work, it means you guys are NOT normal, and that you guys are meant forever.

    Please clean this after reading. keep FMC clean!"


    lemme know, then i'd drop by (=

  4. Well well, actually i am not a person who reads these kinds of blog. Reading is something always I hated. But this one i was able to read from the beginning till end. Love the way u presented it..

  5. hmmm moonu burugaa alhaigen eyee dho meehun kuraa kamakee. i found it the most interesting part of your interesting post! hypocrites

  6. @ajaaibu, I'm glad you liked it, and its such an honor. (=

    Well, a few people I think.

  7. haha..!!! guess wat.. i just managed to get into blogosphere after a longtime... and ive been reading ur posts all this time.. oh and muuthi has this smoothies book which i lovee...
    and anddd.. thnk u for calling me gorgeous at all times. =p =p nad it was nice seeing u.. =] =]

  8. @Lilly, aww
    you are always so sweet and gorgeous. and thanks for commenting


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