Friday, April 2, 2010

April’s Fool


I have been such a regular blogger I’m sure you guys are bored. hehe. I don’t intend to stop. I’m evil. LOL

Anyhow, as every month, even this month I made goals, most of which is to help me be a better person. I am a goal setter and achiever. This month hopefully I will.

1. Pray regularly

Being a good person starts with faith. It starts with being close to the creator.

2. Recite Quran everyday

Another good deed I must do.

3. Study according to the study schedule

I plan to do this all the time, but never succeeds. I’m not sure how I am going to do this, but I am all set to making my study life more interesting and Hermione-like.

4. Do more chores at home

I will try to be a good daughter. xD

5. Do all lessons and tutorials

I have been doing everything in my little Care Bare books all these days. I finally got cute set of notebooks for different subjects. This is also a step forward to make my study life better. hehe

6. Blog regularly

And make you get bored of this, muahahaha

PS That's Sparkels, who is no longer with us. I miss him/her. Muntha did that to it one day telling that it was Sparkle’s birthday. LOL


  1. Excellent goals! Jazaakallah Khiraa ( May allah give you good jazaa ).

    NEver Give Up! :D

  2. @ÎĦΣçҜәѓ™

  3. Faith is good, it keeps you motivated.

  4. @Ayham, it definitely does. xD


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