Monday, November 1, 2010

November Nights


Finally, it’s the month. After three years, I will be going back to my mom’s island, on Eid, and I can’t wait. Only I have like three exams to ace before that, ha! So, last month was pretty boring and stuff, but hopefully this new month will be fun!!! I hope to;

1. Update bloggy regularly

After the challenge, I’ve grown closer to the blog, and it has been like my 5th best friend! (after real bff’s, fashion, books and Techno friends (Blitz, and Trinka, which is my phone. Yes, I’m one of those annoying people who name almost ALL their stuff. On my defense, I don’t name my panties!). So, be ready for some mega awesome posts. =D

2. Be more friendly

Recently I’ve come to know that even though I think I’m very friendly, I don’t really talk much to people whom I don’t know, or know very less of. This makes me a hypocrite according to some very good sources. ha. So, I need to live up to my name, and be friendly!

3. Do more chores at home

I don’t know if it’s the lack of time, or plain laziness that keeps my chores piled up into the third biggest mountain of intangible stuff. I need to climb the mountain and be an ant. (No pun intended!)

4. Be Organized

Clearly, having OCD means one thing. I love order, and routine. So, this is gonna be easier done than said.

5. Read Encarta

Internet comes second as my favorite source of info. The first on the grand list in behold, THE ENCARTA. I know, I’m so 1987 that way, but I love Encarta. Everything about it from the pile of info, the graphics and even that funny Knowledge game where you are trapped in the castle of unknown depth!

6. Learn Atlas

Geography is one subject I fail at. And when I say fail, I mean “I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHERE NORTH IS” fail, which is pretty embarrassing when you are me (aren’t you glad you’re not me?). So, I’ve decided to bring myself to study the geographical locations, and the countries in this small world. (NOT very small when you looks at the ATLAS!)

Let’s hope I can squeeze in A LOT of fun while attempting all this.

BTW, exam in less than two hours, and I have three more chapters to learn. No wonder people call me the Queen of procrastination. (Actually I made that up.No one calls me that! ha!).


  1. good list ...
    best of luck on your exams !!!

  2. so the queen of procrastination ..hope ya exam did go well ..

  3. subcorpus: Thanks

    Dhona: yeah, it went pretty well. =D Thanks

  4. lol @ you not naming your panties XD

    OMG Encarta! i had 2 versions of Encarta as a kid. i mean like 2 they come out with a new version every year right. Yeah. mom got me one and i used to do all my research (when needed, for school) from it... i used to love watching the vids and the 360 degree views of some famous places they had like the White House n all. *sigh* good childhood days.

    good luck with all these goals!

  5. Naina: haha
    I think. But I'm using a quite old version, the 2007th. lol Me too. My fav place is the taj mahal.


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