Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Crisis

I have been so lazy lately, and now I am having trouble making my mind. So, here’s the details.
I haven’t been able to go to mom’s place for eid (which is HOME. Dad’s Island is home. I know, belonging to two places is complicated, and much boring-er than you think.) since I moved to Male’, which was 6 years ago. It was due to different reasons on different years, and now FINALLY, I am free to go. That too alone. (Not entirely, since I am going with an aunt and twins, but whatever!)
I want to go to mom’s place because they '”celebrate eid” there the traditional way, unlike dad’s. But the problem is my best friend is getting married tomorrow and I am also going to mom’s island tomorrow.
I wish she hadn’t proponed the wedding, cos I so want to make it. I know how wedding days are a girl’s dream day and she would want everything to be perfect. I’m a girl, so basically I know that stuff. Some of us have this dream wedding, and I don’t want to not be a part of her big day. Ah, I feel sad.
Am I being selfish? I hope not.
On a related note, people keep texting me that they are “home” and it makes me want to go HOME more. aah!!
Btw, What are your plans for eid? Thos of you who have classes/exams/jobs or can’t make it due to some other reason, don’t be sad. I’ve kinda been there, done that, so all I can say is have fun!


  1. m also kinda stuck here with exam .. and i guess i dont feel so bad abt it .. hehe ..

  2. lucky for all the people in Maldives with the 10 days!
    we just got only one day! pffft.

  3. ne3: ah. good luck, and rock the exam. hehe

    iecco: Oh, they do. I kinda get like two months. That is so unfair, huh. Still, have fun.


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