Monday, November 8, 2010


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Finally, exams are over, and I am able to breathe.
I am not that happy with the exams. Actually, I’m sad that I may have been overconfident and messed up a few ones. *sigh*
Saturday, after the marketing exam we headed to a photoshoot with classmates. It was so much fun, even though three of them didn’t show up. Then yesterday we went to villigili and again another three didn’t show up, but we had so much fun. I finally realized that there are so many things I am so bad at. OK, I did realize that ages ago, but I’ve been telling myself that sometimes I don’t need to be good at everything, but yesterway was a reality check. A wake up call. I still don’t feel that I need to be good at volley, football or moodah erun, but hey, I need to be spontaneous.
I like to think myself as a spontaneous person because in a group, I usually am the one always coming up with new ideas of stuff to do. Maybe that has something do to with my born-leader thing. LOL.
Anyhow, I plan to use this holiday as my retreat to adulthood. Yes, I am gonna learn to do things that I haven;t tried learning, and no, I’m NOT going to try to be mature and stuff because that is boring. I will be an adult no matter how much I don’t want to be one. The only thing I can do is to be ready for it.
Everyone, happy holidays!!!


  1. you mean you want to be more spontaneous?

    happy eid and bodu bandhu holiday to you too!

  2. Holidays ehh .. happy holidays .. * um having a jealousy feeling for i dun hav hols* eheh ..

  3. holidays dhw ... happy holidays to you shaha ... guess m gonna get holidays too .. after 18th .. YAY ... and gudluck with your holiday plans ... hope things gone well and smoothly ... and m looking forward to hear more and more abt your retreat to adulthood .. keep us updated okey =D

  4. When it comes to enjoyment you don't have to really be good at something to enjoy it.
    Isn't the whole purpose of it to have fun? So I guess you're doing pretty well.. :)
    But no harm in learning though. It could be fun too! :)

  5. mini: yes, yes! thanks. I a having fun. happy eydhafushi-ing =D

    dhona: awwh. Don't worry and thanks

    ne3: yes, thanks. haha. have fun you too.

    ieccco: hmm, but when you're pretty much good at most things but suck at sports, that's pretty lame, I think.
    haha, thanks


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