Wednesday, November 17, 2010


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What is friendzone?
It’s the one place that sounds amazing, but believe me, it’s one of the worst places to be. It’s when a girl/guy starts to see you ONLY as a friend, and once you’re in there, there’s no getting out. No matter what you do.say he/she will never be able to see you anything more than a friend.
But ofcourse, there are a few exceptions.
I am a very choosy person, and I put A lot of people in my friendzone, and it has led to so much trouble and regrets. One incident was what made me realize how powerful friendzone was.The worst thing is when people you really like puts you in their friendzone. The next worse thing would be when both people like each other but never say, and keep dating the wrong people. Been there, done that, and it sucks!
Why do people tend to put people in friendzone? Is it the stereotyping or the judgmental nature of us human beings?


  1. Sometimes, it may not be because of how judgmental we are but because there are people that we just prefer to be friends with, because they do such an amazing job at it and we don't want to risk losing them. Sometimes we're afraid that anything more could ruin that friendship. :) This is just from my experience.

  2. i only put men in the friend zone because i don't like them that way. its just an instinct for me. although friends liked me, and told me, and it became awkward. err.. good luck shaha!

  3. if both the ppl have a mutual understanding and they both put each other in the actually leads to a very strong and long-lasting's just when one of them wants more that things become screwed up... >.<

    p.s - im bak :)

  4. Haiko, I agree.

    Mini, yes, awkward it is. Thanks

    Arykko, hmm, that explains friends forever. Welcome back! =D


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