Wednesday, March 16, 2011

So Happy

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Well, today I was gonna update the blog with a series of i-love-you posts to cherish and remember the ones I love the most when I got a call from Maldivian National University, my uni telling me that I won the  Shaheed Labeeb award.
Now, even before I was given admission to FMC, I had read about the place and this award and I decided to work for it. The first semester was easy enough and I was able to get a perfect 4 point GPA and the award goes to the student who scored the highest in all bachelor programs in FMC (which meant both us, and the IT people). I have been waiting so long for this, and I was almost led to believe that they were cancelling the award (I said that to myself. I sometimes turn all pessimistic when things take too long to happen).
Anyhow, it was great news. It means I’m getting my tuition fee free from now on and a pocket money of some sort each month. Hopefully, in a few month’s I’ll be able to provide for my own expenses and not be a burden on my parents. I know they would still want to pay for my bills and stuff cos they are the best people in the world, and to them, I’m still their little princess. But I have promised myself that I was not gonna be a burden on them after I turn 18.
Thank you god for blessing me with the knowledge and ability to work for this goal. Thanks to my mom and dad for always supporting in my goals and believing in me. Thanks to my family and relatives for reminding me of how good I was, and for keeping the hope alive. Thanks to my classmates for always believing in me, and telling me from time to time that I was gonna win it. Thanks to FMC people and teachers for asking me to participate in it, and giving me motivation and well wishes. Thanks to those friends who knew about this, and asked me and gave me advice. I am so grateful to all of you. I couldn't have done it without you.
Lastly thanks to all blog readers for keeping up with me, and for always being so supportive great readers. It feels so great to know that there are so many people who reads about what I write here and take time to comment or even just read. Thank you.
BTW, the ceremony is on 21st and they are gonna air it live on VTV and a recording on MNBC One on22nd. Just saying. =P


  1. Congratulations!!!! :) That's just wonderful! I'm so glad your work paid off!
    Oh, and I would so watch it if I were in Male' ;)

  2. Wow.. thats amazing ... congratulations ..
    and i love your blog ,also reading your updates

  3. congratulation diary girl.. wishing u success always. keep up da gud work.

  4. Yahooo.. That's definitely a great achievement, I must say!! You're a achiever and now you've proved it!
    The biggestest biggest congratulations!!!!
    Hope you'll achieve more n more.. keep it up.. People who love you, are always with you and I'm with you too, through thick n thin!

    I want a party for this haan.. Do keep that in mind.. :D

  5. Congratulations~!!! :D I'm so happy for you dear~!!
    NOW what are you going to wear for the ceremony and how are you going to style your hijab? :)

  6. Congrats shaha:) and ill definitely watch TV edhuvahu

  7. congratulations dear!!!
    realli proud of u.. and glad tht ur work paid off..!! :)
    will surely watch.. :)
    *thumbs up*

  8. haiko, thanks so much. you are sweet.

    dhona, thanks. i love your blog as well. =)

    lilac, thanks dear.

    adi, thanks so much adi. you inspire me to livethe best life i guess. =D me too. haha party, yes when we meet there'll be a HUGe party.

    shums thanks so so much. outfit post coming soon. =D

    me, thanks a lot. =D

    shahiq, thanks. =)

    aali, thank so much lilly. =D

  9. Aww... that was a huge compliment about me inspiring you.. <3


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