Friday, March 25, 2011

Weekend Reads


Image from weheartit

As Rebecca Black predicted today is Friday, but we (and by we I meant me) are not as excited as her. If you know us you know we don’t have any special love to Friday. We no biased. Except for Monday. Somehow we like Monday. NO we are NOT gonna sing a song about how we like Monday.

Moving on, This week we saw the Super full moon. I did not, but check out Xin’s article about it. Also love is in the air, with Adi’s post and Naina is back. Yay, right?

On other news, Shea is trying on a new shawl wrap, Katie goes shopping wearing a crazy wig and one of my fav bloggers Shaz is in Maldives. Yay!!

Have a great weekend. I’ll be sleeping in, doing random things before going back to college on Sunday and eating ice cream.


  1. It clearly seems you're exactly in total mood for having fun!! You're seeming to be more fun with yours posts too.. all happy-happening posts.. :D
    Thank you for the tag, btw! :)

  2. Seems like everybody's got Rebecca Black fever these days! :D I didn't get to see the super moon either :(

  3. Adi, yeah i am. =D thanks

    Haiko, indeed. She's rather catchy!


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