Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Some Changes I’d Like To See In;

  • A good charity program, which doesn't just do the lip service but raises money which actually goes to help the people who need it.
  • Some quality original movies, and music videos. Perhaps it needs to get away from the whole bollywood copying thing and think of a new concept. There are so many issues which can be shown, like bullying at work/schools, Eve Teasing, or even elders crushing children’s dreams.
  • Friendliness. I’m getting tired of the rudeness.
  • More aware people. Not just about the politics, but about everything. People need to know that Nursing and teaching is not the only profession. They need to know about globalization and the concept of a learning organization. They need to re think about the old stereotypes and change their attitudes towards people who are different, or who are handicapped.
  • A wider scope of Educational activities, which isn’t just limited to the classroom. Perhaps some new sports, or teaching of languages other than English and Dhivehi.
Maldives National University:
  • A good yearbook program so people can actually look back and cherish on the memories, and perhaps their kids can also see about it.
  • Lesser bureaucracy and faster working. It’s been 3 months since this semester started, and we still haven’t even got our student ID’s yet.
Faculty of Management and Computing:
  • A working canteen. It’s been closed since last July.
  • Lockers. No one can use the cupboard set next to library, so why not install some lockers so that people who need it can use them.
  • A student Notice board. Seriously I think we all need this. A place where students can put up about events they are holding, about meeting or when they lose their camera. FE has one!
  • Better Students. Who doesn't come to college just so they can meet their friends and throw coke cans all over the place.
These are just few changes that I think will make these three places better. But again, change is only possible if people try. I’m doing my bit my putting in my two cents.


  1. God, you're so aware of everything in your country! Great to know, really!! You set an example of how a teenager or more importantly how a Maldivian should think.
    And to confess, although I'm an Indian, you make me like Maldives with all its flaws. According to me, what makes it hope/work for a better future are the people like YOU! Liked it. Keep it up!

  2. Thats true. A teenager being so aware of all these things going around in Male' is really good. Your point number 4 is already happening :) Keep your posts

  3. Adi, =D Thanks so much. Honestly, I most of the time donno whats going on, so I feels ashamed at times.
    You should come visit this place. It's nice!

    Amynabi, Thanks. I'm glad people are changing for the better.

  4. I really will.. I've got an official invitation from you, why would/should I deny! :D

  5. You cant change others without changing urself..

  6. adi, hehe. yes.

    anony, True that. Thank you so much for reminding me that. =)


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