Wednesday, March 23, 2011

So Much Fun


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That is what my life is all about right now. Well these holidays are turning out to be some of the best days ever.

Friday was a good old day filled with cramming for the OB exam on the next day. Saturday after the much anticipated and sad exam, I was invited to go to Hulhumale’ with cousins. It was a lot of fun.

Sunday, I woke up by afternoon and attended the rehearsal for the Graduation which was to be half the next day. That was kinda fun too. On Monday, it was study group, and graduation ceremony which was kinda boring, but soon I made friends with the other guy who also received a similar award to me. We both escaped through sound room and got to the Faashanaa Maalam before anyone else and had so much fun.

Yesterday, it was a busy day with tutoring this one kid, and playing remix Pictionary with her. At night we decided to sneak in to this lecture, but decided to not go, since it was filled with too BIG people. Not literally though. So, we came to my place, ordered a pizza and two and played Pictionary. Again.

Today, I went to Villigili with mom, Mick, Myra and cousins and again, so much fun. There’s another student association fun trip tomorrow to villigili and I also have a few carnivals and stuff to attend with some friends.

Funny, a few days ago I was talking about how boring it is here in Male’. Fun happens when you get up from the couch and put on bright colored glasses, eh.

Also, this post is NOT in anyway affiliated with Rebecca Black or her song.


  1. Again agreed!! Fun happens when you ACTUALLY start putting up bright colored glasses.. AGREED!

    AWesome, you're having too much fun.. I wish I could be there.. I'm getting bored here these days!

    And.. I'm kinda upset, we didn't chat since a lot MANY days.. :'( But still, I can understand.. Go ahead.. enjoy!

  2. Haha at the last line! That song is extreeemely catchy isn't it? I have been having the exact opposite type of days lately. It's been so hectic I've actually lost a kilogram!

    Anyway, I hope your fun days extend! :D

  3. Adi, =D great minds think alike, ai?
    me too I so so so want to meet you, face to face.
    yeah me too. I seem to never have time. so so sorry.

    Haiko, ah. Well, glad you lost some weight should I be. =P
    yes the song is just too catchy.

  4. :) I too am eager to meet you mate!!! I'm blaming time that its not available for two of us!!
    Oye.. don't be sorry.. Actually I'm happy here seeing you happy n cool out there.. [yay, it rhymed again! :D]

  5. Adi, yeah. hehe you should write songs. =D


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