Monday, March 14, 2011

“Jugo Vun”

is the new word for “bouglulha vun”. Being overrated.
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I’m sure that any of you who’s NOT been living under a rock would know that this Jugo shop flu has hit hard. Every street you turn to, everywhere you go, it’s filled with Jugo shops. Me being someone who loves to try ne flavors has actually gone to A lot of jugo shops in the past 4 years.
When it started near where I live, at Juice Joint, it was cheap, it was good value for money. Now it’s just an overused idea with cheap labor and no flavor, at all. I have kind of made a tiny research on this, being a business student and all. 
The problem is the formulae. A tiny place, a theme and a fancy name. Classic favors and again, fancy names. Anything in excess is NOT fun, and people will soon get tired of it. That’s what’s been happening here too. There is no originality. Of course you can give things fancy names and a cover up look. That’s NOT originality. That’s marketing.
There are however a few places that does differ. Like Spice Berry, with their shakes from different chocolate types, vegetable juices and hotdogs. Maybe there are many other places like that too, that I don’t know of.
But of course we all want to make money quick, so hopefully the businesses will benefit from the over exposure of jugo and jugo shops.
I, for one an waiting for when tiny coffee stands start popping up with bagels, croissants and a cup of cappuccino just in time for morning classes. That would be the day!
For now, I make coffee at home, put in a paper cup and bake cupcakes in the mornings. *sigh*


  1. bouglulha. or bodu gulha? are u trying to say bodugulha?
    nice article

  2. For one thing Maldives being an extremely warm country, I dont understand why someone would want a warm drink instead of a cool refreshing one? Just curious.

  3. anony1, yes. i meant to say bodugulha. too bad spell check doesn't correct dhivehi words. -__- thanks

    anony2, yes, I get asked that a lot actually. I have zero tolerance for cold actually. most morning are very cold and since i have morning classes a lot, a hot coffee makes it all so good.
    plus, i personally like hot drinks better than cold.


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