Monday, March 21, 2011

Things I want My Future Self To Remember

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  • Don’t get married to a jerk: And by a jerk I mean, any guy who treats you like dirt.
  • Also don’t get married until you get a master’s degree/make enough money to live a decent life
  • Since we’re in the marrying topic, don’t marry someone who doesn’t understand you. Like at all. Like your need to do crazy things at crazy times, or being outgoing, and stuff.
  • Get a walk in wardrobe. Preferably a huge one.
  • Start a charity or something like that to help people.
  • Be a part of a good NGO that is not politically related to any party. Or better, make an NGO with some amazing people.
  • Meet David Archuleta. Get his autograph.
  • Try to understand Muntha. Also buy her Junie B Jones and get her to read some good books/watch some good movies. Also buy her lots of Kit Kat.
  • Try to get a GPA higher than 3.8.
  • Save enough money to expense a hajj trip to parents. Also buy a cake making set for mom, and a laptop for daddykins.
  • Be a nice person. Someone who smiles, is friendly and doesn’t show off.
  • Be a powerpuff girl.


  1. Well done!!! You'll definitely get the one who'll understand you even at your worst!!

    And a walk in wardrobe?? God!! Can't express the feeling :)

  2. maldivesbest, I don't really know you to judge or label you a jerk. hehe. From so far, you are a nice person I would say. =D

    adi, i hope so too. yes, we all want a wardrobe like that, ei?

  3. Like this post ;) I really liked about being nice person with friendly smile. You are one person i know with that, I can count the number of people who has the ability to smile to others and being friendly.

    I really appreciate your works and like the empowerment. cheeers shaha ;)

    1. Thanks Xef. :D

      I can say the same about you. You've been doing i for so longer than I have and you are an inspiration.


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