Thursday, July 14, 2011



I was first introduced to Castle, the TV series by Mush, a classmate but at first I thought it was a horror series and didn’t watch until one day I was bored and decided that even if it was horror, I should see it.

After watching for two minutes I thought I’d hate it, but continued and one episode later, I was addicted. Most people who know me will know that apart from high school drama’s my favorite genre is crime. I grew up reading Nancy Drew and bit of Agatha Christy mystery novels. Castle had both things I loved. Crime and Writing. WINNER!

After re-watching three seasons of it twice, I still want to watch it again, it’s that good. Well, for me at least.

The characters are kinda relatable to me. Alexis for instance is the kind of person I thought I’d be when I grew up. I am not that perfect but she’s still the most relatable character! Kate is the kinds of personality I’d like to be when I am older. She’s independent, smart and funny, not to mention ambitious and determined. Castle however is my favorite character. I love how Nathan Fillion smiles. I watch it for his smile alone. He’s an amazing dad, a romantic person, and a kid at heart.

If you aren’t already watching this (WHY AREN’T YOU WATCHING THIS?) I highly recommend you should. It thought me what obstruction of justice was! and a lot more, which I have forgotten! u_u

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