Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tribute to Harry Potter Series


I remember the first time I read Harry Potter, borrowed from a friend. The first thing I loved about the book was not the magic, Hogwarts, nor the excitement of discovering a new world. I was more interested in the character’s personalities. For instance, I was obsessed about Hermione throughout the series. She stuck me as a role model because I could relate to her. She taught me valuable lessons and she has been part of my growing up, a happy part.

I am no hardcore fan, but I love the series. I can quote a few lines and stuff but more than anything I am always inspired by the complexity of the character’s and JK Rowling’s writing. I am glad to be part of the Harry Potter generation.

Some of my favorite characters apart from Hermione are Ron (of course!), Luna, Neville, Draco, Voldemort and Bellatrix. I love Ron mostly because he is the main humor source in the book series, and because of Rupert Grint. *swoon* Luna stuck me as someone like me and I loved how odd she was. She reminded me of, me! Neville was always one of my favorites because he is true to himself, and he stands up for things and mostly because things always happen to him, and he gets past his insecurities. I love how his character develops throughout the series.The main reason I love Draco is Tom Felton. Yes. I adore Tom. Also who doesn’t love a bad boy? Voldemort was one of those evil characters that you just love to hate, but for me he was an example of how anyone can want something to the extent they can harm themselves for it. He is one of the greatest characters, he has poise and he is dramatic. He reminds me of one of my favorite Shakespeare characters, Othello. He was a great leader but what he believed made him do things he regretted. Voldemort was quite like that. Bella is more of a complex character to me. She does everything in the name of family. She has this twisted logic to try to protect her family. She is someone who does everything, even the most horrible things because of her loyalty. I appreciate loyalty no matter what form it is.

The funny thing is I never like Harry, or Danielle. I am not sure why, maybe because he had everything, or because he was always the one. As for Snape, I never really cared for Snape until the Order of Phoenix. It was my dislike for James that made me like him. I never really cared for Dumbledore either, so him dying made no difference except the loss of a good character, and so I had no real reason to dislike Snape, except for him being a bully. But the last book, when Snape dies it was a moment of sadness. I cried all while reading The Prince’s Tale. I have heard of unrequited love, but his was a new level of it. My favorite romantic hero has been Ned from Nancy Drew (I know, a bit pathetic, but ND series were the love of my life), and in teen years it was a tie between Aditya (Jab We Met) and Demetrius (Midsummer Night’s Tale), but now it’s Snape.

Well, it’s a sad moment for one of the best works of recent times has come to and end, but the series will always live in our heart as long as those loyal to Harry and his friends remain. After all inside every one of us, there’s a little child waiting for her acceptance letter.

To Harry, Hermione and Ron. To everyone who has been with the series till the very end. To the end of an era that will be remembered.


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