Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oh, How I Love Busy Days.


I am hardly a busy person. In fact, I procrastinate a lot which means in the first few weeks I am all free, but this semester I’m trying to prioritize more so that I can have more quality work done, as quality is something I can’t afford to forgo!

So yesterday, all classes were cancelled, but I got a call to help a friend and it was actually fun. I learnt lots of interesting things and we had fun. Then, a cousin and I went to see the Ahmadhiyya game and half through it, I had to go another meeting, where we discussed some exciting games. I love hanging out with my cousins. They are so fun. Whenever we hangout something fun always happens, like this time my cousin N was wearing her jacket the wrong way so we had to go to a store’s fitting room and get her changed. We laughed all about it until we were running out of air!

Also my friend Mh and I are playing a very exciting treasure hunt game that involves learning new things, riddles, poetry, books and a library. I am afraid that’s all I can tell, but this is fantastic. I haven’t had this fun since my Ahmadhiyya days.

Today, I had a class and we talked about lots of plans that involves celebrities, music bands and a certain singer/songwriter and I have another lecture to attend as well as a meeting with my cousin’s teachers at Ahmadhiyya.

You can tell how much I love Ahmadhiyya. Apart from Ifthithaah, it was my favorite school that I attended.

I hope everyone’s enjoying these days.


  1. Oh thank goodness you're still here! Since you changed your URL, your page didn't show up when I clicked your page I had bookmarked. :D Had me bummed out for a while there.

  2. haha. Yeah, I'm always here. =)


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