Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happy Independence Day


I’m a mildly patriotic person. I say mildly because I sometimes have the tendency to love English more than my mother tongue. But when it comes to Maldives, I love most things about it. I love the history, the sandy beaches, the traditions (especially the eid celebrations) the cuisine, and the traditional dresses.

This year, is my favorite independence day so far. Two years back, I remember being in the independence day dance and it was going so well, until I lost all my belongings. BUMMER! Today was different. Since MNU were celebrating a “Minivan Haveeru”, some of my uni-mates and I were on the organizing team and we had fun blowing balloons, putting up streamers and stuff. By the afternoon, I remembered I had plans with G to go to the museum, which was by far the best thing that happened. I love museums, and this one trip was extra fun because G has something funny to say about every single thing there. We bumped into few familiar faces and the whole experience was lovely.

G, Sorry I had to come early, you know.

Anyhow, after that I was supposed to go host the MNU event with some other friends and it was fun. I love hosting stuff, *cough*hfm*cough* but I wanted to enjoy the time cheering and not hosting, so after one event, I let the other girl do all the talking, and she seemed to enjoy it, and she was pretty good, so I guess it’s a win win. FMC won in some stuff, but the best part was that we all were together and had fun.

Then G and his mates along with M and A went to have pizza and boy we had fun. These guys are amazing! We made Harry Potter references and everyone got it, which is something I love about this bunch of people.

Special shout out to Mh, who is so much fun-ner when you meet him for real. This was only the 3rd time we met, but it seems like I know you forever.  I wish that sometimes I were in your class. It sounds like my kinda thing. Kudos to making the saddest the brightest =P

Meanwhile, I hope you readers had a great day too.

Photo by Nattu on Flickr. Click the pic to go the site.


  1. Awesome julaaan sabbeees =p hehe by the way yesterday it was free tha? visiting museum? if so DAMNNN!! every time i forget it...!! anyways.. cheeers :)

  2. yeah it was actually free. =) and thanks.


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