Saturday, May 4, 2013

Day 11: I believe family is worth more than money or gold

That is so true. Family for me is everything. They are the reason of me being here, and they have been my source of strength in everything I do and I love them dearly, maybe even more than myself. 

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They have loved me all my life, and they continue to do so, and I know that whatever they do is always in the best interest of me. Sometimes I might get angry at them, or feel like rebelling, but I know I never will. It's kinda weird that I've never really rebelled. Maybe I didn't have a good enough reason, and I hope that there never will be a good enough reason to go against my family because if such a day comes, I'll find myself torn but in the end I'll always choose my family not just because it's my duty but because without their support I'm nothing. 

The past 21 years has been interesting. We moved a bit, but we always had each other. There were tough times, but they would never let me feel that way. I was always protected. Whenever I did anything wrong, I was always corrected, punished but in ways that I understood. I owe everything to them. 

So, basically for me, I am because my family is. My parents are amazing and have never given me reason to believe otherwise. The two sisters are like the cherry on top, kinda weird but cheesy and cute. 


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