Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Day 17: One day I'll make you proud

Something that I'm always proud of huh. There are a lot of things. The general will be being a Muslim, Maldivian, daughter, blah blah, But let's just skip through them and chose one small thing eh. 

That would be being traditional. Not in the sense of going all "boadhaa" on people, but more along the lines of loving traditions, classics, and stuff. In the time of technology and all the benefits, I cannot seem to let go of pen and paper. I'm a proud owner of a Filofax, which I have always wanted. I'm a proud book-a-holic and I'll happily choose a paperback over an e-book any day (except it it's as heavy as three bricks) and I am a proud country music lover. haha. Ok, the last may not as well be traditional. But there's just something magical about country music.

I wrote this around two days ago. For some reason I could not publish it, so here goes. I am thinking of taking a break from blogging. Clear my mind, go to a therapist , solve a crime, meet the Doctor or just drink way too much tea till I become British. So long fellow readers. 


  1. I think it is very unfair to associate tea with the brits. They invaded India relatively recently and that was when they found tea. Europeans being the supermacists they are, always attribute tea to the British. Being a Maldivian I think we should correct this injustice. Drinking tea should be considered as an Asian thing to do (as China also have a long tradition of drinking tea).

    1. I never knew that. Thank you! and I do associate tea with India too, but mostly Chai. Since I usually drink English Breakfast tea, this comes up.

      Thanks again. I will definitely associate tea with Asians now.( being an Asian, this is good news):)

    2. Now that's the spirit eh? I actually felt quite bad after reading your reply. Re-reading my comment, I thought I was a bit too harsh. IF I was sorry about that.


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