Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day 16: But what if you're wrong?

Something that I always think "what if" about eh. This one's very easy but very scary. I often think what if we consume everything and there's nothing left. No trees, no Eco system, no nothing. We eat up every remaining food, we wear every remaining cloth and we use every remaining scarce resource of this mother nature to make something that will bring us money. 
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What if indeed.
This thought scares me so much. I'm always always torn when it comes to this. I ask myself, should I even journal, I mean I'm wasting a lot of paper in the sense and even if I do electronically, I'm wasting electricity and there's the whole privacy thing. I've so often gone to that dark place in my mind where I am convinced that everyone harms this world more than they give. I become a cynical death eater that just thinks I should be idle and do nothing to preserve what is left. 

Then I see that people in other countries waste so much. Perhaps I shouldn't have studied business because I know why they do what they do, but is it justified? no. Whenever I buy something, guilt overcomes and instead of that happiness from shopping, I become even more sad. -.- It's very different. Inside my mind, it's  war zone between being human and being right. Sometimes I don't even know how I get up everyday and  show up with a smile on my face. 

We really really need to think about our consumerism, the amount of waste that we produce and how if we kept an account of deposits and withdrawals of all our actions and its impact on the environment, we would be in so much deficit, all the raw materials in the world could not produce enough money to make it even. 
All I know is that I try my best, but it's not enough. It's never enough and I ask you to consider this. Think about what if everything's gone? 


  1. I believe you have studied physics right? If so you would know nothing ever truly gets destroyed. Matter just changed from one form to another. A rather boring example is fossil fuels, which probably started as living creatures or plants etc.. My point, nature has a very good recycling program going, we don't have to worry about her, she would gladly wipe us out if threatened beyond tolerance! So stop worrying we all perish in the end! :D

    1. Why would you believe that I studied physics? I didn't. Perhaps I should have then I would have known that.

      You do have a point, but nature can only recycle so much. She is already wiping us, eh. haha, perishing is the least of my worries at the moment.


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