Monday, May 20, 2013

Day 15: What yo name what’s yo sign?

I do not participate in the mass cultural delusion that the sun's apparent position relative to arbitrarily defined constellations at the time of my birth somehow affects my personality! However  I have to admit, some of these zodiac personality traits are very similar to mine. 
The problem with zodiac for me is that I am not sure which sign I belong to. Most places show me as an Aquarius but some of the calenders show me as Pisces. I think I'm bit of both. I do like water, and I'm kind of OK with fishes as long as I don't have to see their sad faces. Fish faces just look so melancholy it makes me sad. 

My personality is a bit fickle. I think of myself as somewhat of a crossover between a bookwork, a fashion-holic, a country music lover and a passionate ball of yarn. The last part is not entirely true. If I were a type of sewing accessory, I'd more likely be a needle or a cross-stitch. 
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"When I think of Pisces I think of the sign of unconditional love.  In other words, you will love and accept totally and unconditionally until others prove you wrong. And even that won’t convince you right away.
The key phrase used in astrology to describe the fish is “I believe,” and that is your great gift for the world; your incredible faith and belief in life and othersPisces exist emotionally rather than rationally, instinctively more than intellectually. And you can live a bohemian sort of life, searching for a career in which you can really find yourselves, but you are easily discouraged, feeling despondent and unappreciated which often causes you to move on to something or someone else always searching for that safe harbor you can call home.When it comes to love you are the incurable romantic and in the right relationship this can be a fairy tale union and with the wrong relationship a nightmare because you won’t let go immediately. You are extremely accepting and forgiving but without a more discriminating nature you will attract people who will take advantage of your good heart. You believe in soul mates and you will never give up your search" from

I am a big believer in unconditional love and I do use the word believe so often because it sounds so magical and because of Peter Pan. The last part about emotional and instinctive is the most wrong thing I've read all day. I am not an emotional person. If feelings knocked on my door, I wouldn't even be home and I do not get easily discouraged. In fact, I'm so stubborn I sometimes don't even listen to myself. and about fairy tales, my friend V once told me that I would never find someone because I believed that a guy would come in a white horse to save me from the bubble of fantasy that I live in, and he is somewhat right hahaha. I am a bit forgiving, which has several times made my life all the more harder. 
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"When I think of Aquarius what comes to mind are all the friends who have been completely out there, free-spirited, rebellious and brilliant.In love and marriage, the Aquarius will need to retain their sense of individuality and freedom. Remember that for an Aquarius to fall deeply in love, they first have to be friends so don’t rush them, or think you aren't making "progress" fast enough. Also, too much togetherness can wig out the claustrophobic Aquarius, so make sure there are times alone during the relationship. Aquarians are very social, friendly, charming and outgoing and you love helping others and going on crusades for the betterment of mankind. Aquarius is a sign that is highly charismatic and you easily become the leader of your group"

am a bit free spirited, not exactly very rebellious and brilliant is one of my favourite words and oh my god the thing about falling in love and being claustrophobic about the whole thing is so darn true. I do make friends very easily and I am extremely bossy!

Anyhow, all that mumbo jumbo aside, I think I have mixtures of all different personalities and so does other people. All I know is that I love my birthstone the Amethyst and Pluto was and always will be my favourite planet. Also, I'm rather hungry and according to my daily horoscope says that I'm standing at the edge of a major breakthrough today and that I should  focus all your attention on appreciating what's happening in the present moment. So I shall practice some spells today. Ciao. 

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