Sunday, May 12, 2013

Day 12: After the boys of summer have gone

Most of this list is going to fictional characters because I find men in stories attractive. That must say a lot about me. The rest are actors and musicians. Yes, I am a girl and like most girls, I like men who look good. 

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Dr Spencer Reid 
I find Matthew Gray Gubler very attractive, but I find Reid more attractive because of his obvious genius state and because he talks in a very charismatic manner. He's the main reason I watch Criminal Minds. I can go on and on about Reid, but I'll stop before you think that I'm some crazy person. 

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Andrew Garfield
His hair, oh my god! He is super freaking cool and I think I first saw him in Social Network and since then he's been in every list of men that I ever made, haha. 

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Mr. Darcy
Obviously in every reader's lists, this romantic hero! I love Pride and Prejudice and like every other girl who read it, loved his character from the start. I have yet to watch the movies though. I really want to see Colin play Darcy. 

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David Archie
His songs are as amazing as him. He is very cool and so pretty. I hardly use pretty to describe guys, but he is!

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Gerard Butler
I love love this guy. Whenever I mention him, it means it's something significant because Gerard Butler is just the most amazing thing since sliced bread. 

Yes, this list does not have any people that I know in real life because that would be too mainstream to write about. People that I find attractive, you know who you are! Also Jhonny Depp. 

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