Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Birthday Wishlist

I am probably the easiest person to buy gifts for. Every year, I'd make a wish list just in case if people might want to get me something and I don't have to tell them and only direct them here. Also, my birthday is in just a month. I am not really too excited, but I should be. Somehow, being excited for birthdays kind of leads to all kinds of downhill. Anyhow, here goes nothing.

I absolutely love this chip and dip plates from FreshFinds. I seriously have a hard time because they are not in my life. 
This, along with other little things that I really want are in THIS list and you know you can never go wrong with any of the items because I really would use them almost everyday. 
The worst thing about having an iPhone is that the charge doesn't stay as much as it does in other kinds and I'm always carrying around my charger trying to find places to charge my phone! This would basically just save my life PLUS it's Lilly Pulitzer. 
Now, if you really really want to get me something that I would love forever and ever, this is THE LIST to follow. 

Basically anything in THIS LIST because you all know how much I love necklaces, especially pop culture inspired ones. 
What I most want for my birthday is to have a low key one with just my family and people close to my heart. 
PS I also accept warm hugs, great conversations, food, cups of tea and smiles. 
What's on your birthday wish list?

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