Thursday, January 23, 2014

DYMag December + January Issue

And finally, the much awaited Dec-Jan issue of DYMag! This issue was actually very difficult because all of our team was travelling far and wide and getting content and arraging things was ten times harder. But all that is just nothing compared to the overwhelming feeling of seeing the actual thing! I cannot thank Imy, our very talented layout designer enough. The whole team is actually the best. 

It starts with a brilliant movie review by Abo, this dude knows how to make people want to watch or listen to something. The fashion lookbook this time was the hardest but also the most rewarding. Thanks to Naf, Sarvs, Toby and the great team from Traders for such a fun adventure. Also thanks to all shops for lending us clothes, I think this is so far one of our best fashion spreads. Shamma's Alice in Wonderland shoot is beautiful, I am so thankful to have been a part of the team in arranging it and seeing it happen. 

Naal is so talented, seriously. The amount of presiseness that goes into creating each of her nail arts is just, nothing short of amazing. Next is the main man of the issue, Aseel! One of our favourite people (and a really good friend) who was chosen as the cover person by the people and his interview was so brilliant I had to read it twice. Also, he is a tea person and a potterhead! :D Art Attack, a new segment featuring artwork of creative people brings Moomin this time. Don't ask me, he's mysterious. I don't even know. 

Fallen Woman by Thyma talks about women in classic literature and is by far one of the best articles we have this issue. A nice article about deserving a smile, why I love articles like that. Nawuff is too lazy so her decided to post all his statuses and call it an article, tsk tsk. Good thing his statuses are actually good. Self Critisim by Afaneen is a must-read because it's something we all always do, and need to minimize doing. 

Mystery of Aids and Why You should Swim are two articles by our columnist extraordinaire Thihnan. Seriously, this girl blows me away every time. She is the best. A Tale of Two Planets by Mahid is an article that is worthy of more reads. Slither, a very interesting poem by Naael who is also a really good poet and he designed the page, how awesome. 

Sifr and his stories never cease to amaze me. Who is he? Who even knows? Munzir writes very uh interesting poetry. Some of it, we all understand perfectly and others, well as they say the meaning only lies in his stomach. Fureeku's Nano Tale is aimed at me, because I was taking part in Nano and I think it's kind of weird but oh well.

That's everything. 66 pages of hard work, dedication, inside jokes and late nights and finally we are done! Hope you enjoy this issue as well. See you next month! 

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