Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I think one of my strengths in university was being able to speak. I could convince people into believing I was telling true things even if I had no idea what I was rambling about. I used it to my advantage a lot, especially during presentations. Another thing I was known was for my presentations. People actually looked forward to it (which was obviously very motivating but also nerve-wrecking because more people = more pressure). 

I remember having a real playhouse inside the hall and having my cousins play in it while we talked about a salon for kids. It was a hit and people I didn't even know came up to me and congratulated. Another time, we dressed up in I<3 NY Tees and danced to New York New York while giving a presentation about New York. I think we used to enjoy presentations a bit too much. 

But my secret-tool was not the fun, or the actual presenting but not using Power-Point. It was during my second year in Uni that my friend Fureeku introduced Prezi to me and I haven't looked back since. My first Prezi presentation was about the most boring topic; project management tools and effectiveness but we managed to have was well-rounded and fun presentation because of Prezi.

Why? Basically it's everything PowerPoint is not. It's fun. You can zoom in, zoom out, make patterns, have details just next and you are not confined in a box but you can go beyond and it allowed us to make really creative and fun presentations that made learning even more fun and tolerable and we actually enjoyed doing it.

This was our first presentation. It was a tad bit difficult at first trying to learn everything but once I was done, it was super easy the next time onward and the easy thing is you can even download the software (it's not free) but the online version is free so I always do it online and then download the finished Prezi as a flash file and BAM, it's amazing!

This one about an entertainer done for our Consumer Behaviour is one of my favourites and we are really proud of it. It was actually also one of the most fun presentations and I'm so fortunate to have had some really creative people to work with.

and lastly, during the farewell dinner I had the pleasure to look back on some of the best moments of our three year journey and  I am just so glad to have discovered Prezi. I owe half of my grades during my last year and a half to Prezi and without it, my presentations would have been a tad bit boring and I am so glad it made my learning experience much more enriching and fruitful. 

So, check out Prezi, and don't forget to be as creative as you can. There are no limits! Whether you are in middle school, high school, university or even in a job, this nifty little tool is sure to bring more pizzazz and class to your presentations making sure you look cool and help you impress everyone! Enjoy. 

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