Sunday, March 16, 2014

Currently: March

This month has been pretty low on the watching things part, mostly because I had been rather busy with work and starting a new project but I have been able to keep up with the TV schedule, so that is good. 

Saving Mr Banks I am a huge fan of Disney and this was so good, seriously. I was so looking forward to watching it on Schwack but they stopped showing it. Finally after watching it, I am just so happy. Oh, the clothes, the set, everything. It is so amazing, I wished I was in that set. 

Celeste and Jesse Forever Ah, people have been just raving about this movie and I kept it on my watch list and I am looking forward to it. Romantic and Comedy? You bet I'd watch that. 

Rules of Engagement S2 I don't know why I started watching it but it's nice. It has OK jokes, and I have an OK time watching it. I like that it's completely ordinary, nothing special and I can just watch it without feeling any emotions for the characters. Everyone needs one show like this in their life. 

The School for Good and Evil Again, Goodreads have been going crazy about this book for a couple months and I like the premise, the whole fairy tale setting with a twist. I'm big on that, obviously. Looking forward to reading this soon. 

Life After Life A big winner of several book awards last year, this book's premise is also great and so far I've been having a nice time reading it. It's a bit slow placed but I think I'll read it till the end.

Waiting for Superman - Daughtry Ever since watching My Music and seeing how everyone hates Daughtry, I was wondering if all their songs were terrible, and I didn't check but I came across this song today and the music video is amazing, so is the song! Beautiful. 

What's keeping you entertained this month?

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