Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Free As A Bird

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That’s right people. Finally I’m exam free, and thus tension free, that is, till 16th, cos that's when the results will be shown. Today’s exam was so so easy, and I am hoping to get full marks, and then I can prove to muntha that getting full marks is possible even in college. hah. what a great sister right? T__T
Other than that, I also am getting internet, xD and thus no more blogging pauses, and well, I haven't yet decided whether to go to my island or not. But the holidays would mean more sleeping, and eating ice-cream, less dressing up, etc. Somehow I am not exactly excited for the hols, but its ok. I’m not even making sense right now. gee
PS, Blogger’s note: I am not a twilight fan. In fact I hate it, and since it isn't good to hate something without reason, I bought this book to find out the crappiness of it. Also note that I hate Kristen and Robert, but have a soft spot for Taylor since his Shark boy days. I know, I know, I have to put manners first even when I hate something. haha

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