Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Being Too Available?

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I don't think I’m too available. Ok, I’m single, but does that mean that? Is there anything bad with being single? I don't think so.
See, being single,
  • you can flirt with many boys and never have to give an explanation to anyone
  • you can spend time with everyone, and dont have to worry about what someone else might say
  • you dont have to call someone every hour and let them know what you’re doing
  • You can do whatever you want, and no one can stop you from going to places, meeting people, or going to number of coffees.
  • you can spend more time with your girlfriends
  • you dont have to cook/buy gifts.or even think about what he wants on your anniversary.
  • Many more!
basically, you are your own island, and you dont have to share your island. LOL
So, until I find someone that practically well, is my Ron (not prince charming), I am happy and free to be single. And I can mingle whenever I want.


  1. well, being single is not bad at all.
    but i can't totally agree with u on all facts,
    for example if i was single, and comparing my current relationship to ur points, i cud say that i'd only have 2 advantages.
    that is flirting with others and buying gifts.
    all others, i really dnt have to worry about.
    but flirting, i still do, but he knows im always joking. as per gifts, its not like big gifts, its more like going out sharing the expenses and exploring new stuff :)

    so my point is, its good to be single. its not bad to be taken too.
    u just have to find the right one and make a great life out of it :) u really wont miss the being single bit anymore... trust me. i know ;)

  2. @iecco, hmm. I was just writing what I though. since I dont really know. well, ofcourse you are the guru here. xD

  3. way to go girl! just because you flirt a little, hang out with guys, listen to their every words does NOT make you a slut! NOR any available!
    But so what if others think you're available! ermm Think of it as a good thing. You, my dear, are more in demand!

  4. @anony, Yepp. I totally agree. thanks.

  5. hehe im no guru, i just have a lot of experience hehe.
    but like anonymous said, be in demand if ur single ;)
    show them that u are worth a lot and not just anyone can have u! rule the world girl ;)

  6. @ieccco, hehe. yeah we both can agree on that. thanks again.


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