Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lil Old June

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I have always liked the month June. Maybe cos I like June. If I had a gay bestfriend I’d name him June. LOL. Anyhow, I have been MIA from blogging, thanks to W modem exceeding the limit, and PC crash leading to daddykins getting the most antique chassis, which cant connect to net. wtf. I am trying to use more IT related big words, cos tomorrow is my Comp exam, which I’m hoping to rock. And by rock, I mean get a Higher Distinction, the highest possible grade in college life. gee. So, moving to this month’s goals, which are a bit different from last months.
1. Study well for the exam
As I’ve said before tomorrow is my exam, the start of the two week studyathon, which will keep me busy and very very tired. So, be ready for very emo posts. xD
2. Pray regularly and recite half of Quran
Reciting the whole Quran at least once this year is also in my resolutions, so I’m hoping to achieve it.
3. Do my own laundry
I am more of a room service kinda person, that's mostly because my parents spoil me. I never have to do my own laundry, and sadly, I cant even seem to. But at least I know how to operate the washing machine, so this month, I am getting in the housewife spirit.
4. Don't procrastinate
OK. I agree, I’m probably the queen of procrastination. Did I tell you I bunked a class so that I can get more time to to do the assignment which was due at the end of class? god, those were the horrible-st of times.
5. Be friendly and nice
I don't know why, but people seem to associate “not friendly” and “thui” with me. Ok, I agree, I tend to be thui at times, also my voice is thui, and no, I’m ok with it, and I don't want to change my voice. But then again, I seem to try to be the friendliest, but people seem to still think I’m unfriendly. hmph
6. Never sleep late and wake up early
Even right now I am preaching this rule. LOL. time to become a morning person once again.
Lets hope this month, I can keep to my best behavior.


  1. you make me wanna imagine you naked more everyday. lol

  2. @Anony, Do I? That's interesting. I didnt know I had such powers. LOL

  3. hey i wanna have w modem 2. Hw much is ur monthly usage? Is that worth?

  4. @Anony,
    My monthly usage is nearly the limit, so it's kinda ok. I took it cos college doesnt have internet, and so I can use it in my lap. Have dhiraagu internet at home, so mostly use that for downloading and stuff.
    I think it's great for outdoor use/if you dont download huge loads of stuff. I have the 250 package, which gives 2000 MB


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