Monday, June 21, 2010

Taking Sides, Results and Boredom


Lets start with the latter, the boredom. Before that, lemme assure you the sad and embarrassing ugly step sister lips chapter is finally over. Nudakkaa Vaahaka. Anyhow, I have been watching non-stop reruns of old series like Kyle XY and Moonlight, and also watching old movies like Tinkerbell (ok, It’s not a movie, but believe me, it’s an amazing cartoon. peter pan, who?) and Pink Panther.

I’ve always wanted to do a crazy thing like watch something back to front, and Moonlight seemed a great series, so I started watching it today (re-watching. It used to be my fav vampire series. I’m not much of a vampire fan though. I don't see any reason to fall in love with the predator, being a prey. ) and it’s fun. I recommend this to every living soul out there. haha

And then, lets talk about taking sides. I tend to take sides while watching movies, reading books, and even a bit in real life. sounds kinda normal, right? I donno, since I think normal is overrated. Anyways, the point being that I tend to take sides since the start and cannot absolutely see anything sad happening to my fav person, unless its supposed to be a happy ending. Usually I take sides with the main character, the good one just like everyone else and thus leads to happily ever after. That happened with Kyle XY. I hated Jessi since she was on that tub, and when Kyle and Amanda finally broke up, and all, I just couldn't watch it. Then there's the weird sides, like Taking sides with Sharpay (the evil one) in High School Musical, Actually I hate ZANESSA, so it was easy, but the bad part was that the were the happy couple, supposed to get the happily ever after. However I still remain a fan of  Sharpay Evans, the girl who can do no wrong.

And about results, FMC is the lamest faculty in the whole world. Second semester starts in 5 days, and results aren’t up yet. Gosh!!

PS. Those ugly stairs there, they are my fav stairs in the whole of HFM. God, I miss that place. *sobs*


  1. omg im commenting before i even read ur post!! i just missed that stupid staircase..
    oh much fun times i had with it.. more than a year...
    aah memories!

  2. @iecco, yeah. that place is full of memories. miss it too.


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