Monday, June 7, 2010

Three Days To Go

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Yes, and in three days time, I’ll be free from exams and finally able to think freely without economic situations, import tariffs, or income statements coming up to my mind in every two seconds.
Last few days has been hectic. One exam after other and all, but it has also been so much fun, going to college everyday an un-shahaish hours( which is anything before 1, since however hard I try, I never seem to be a morning person. some habits are hard to go), and playing truth or dare, and finding cute boys, which seems rare in FMC.
I am also trying to ignore the fact that almost all my friends in other faculties have finished their exam and is now on vacation, and I still have two to go. gosh!
But I am bound to make it happen.For now, things that make me happy are:

1. Happy and cheerful Mickiie
2. Finally having my huge bed to myself
3. good classmates
4. Homemade fish and chips by neighbors
and things that make me feel miserable are
1. Exams, and how I am so not prepared
2. Friends on early vacation
3. severe small yet painful medical conditions
4. losing my library card (Mickiie is to blame)
5. losing my organizing and being perfect self
6. no internet at pc
7. the fact that Mickiie tore my bebo poster
8. not being able to go shopping ( I am going mo, seriously!)

I am feeling twice more miserable, and that makes me be moody, but since I am good at acting (believe me, I am) I can still look very very cheerful and happy, but then again, who am I fooling myself?

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