Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 25

So, I haven’t updated my blog in ages, I’d be surprised if I even have a reader by now. So sorry guys, I was really busy with classes, assignments, and some personal stuff. So much happened, but lets move on.

I am now up to day 25, and in 5 more days, I’d be done with this. Today is about one of my favorite things, and I haven't been able to post it cos of my camera issues, but now that I am fully prepared, I decided to show you guys what you would find in me bag.

I usually carry bags that match my dress, so the things may differ, but here’s what I usually carry with me.


I love the yellow bag, and any one who knows me, also will know that I love the color yellow, and I usually carry the bag. So, in no order here goes

1. The “infamous” yellow bag

2. My camera bag, I was taking the pic from cam, so the bag has to make its way in the photo. I have a pink Nikon coolpix.

3. My phone. Yes, I finally got my dream phone, thanks to thuttha. It’s a Samsung CorbyPro, and I can’t get over how awesome it is. =D

4. My notebook, courtesy of Muntha. I quite like Miley, but some people think I should get over kiddy things like Hannah Montana. hmph!

5. An extra phone cover. I am a lot like “Naomi” from 90210. I carry two covers, so that it would always match my dress, just in case I forgot to change the cover. Call me a snob, I don’t care.

6. Make-up bag. I usually carry my MAC mascara, a tiny lotion bottle, a lip gloss, lavender eye liner and a lip balm.

7. A tissue pack. Everyone probably knows that I have unlimited tissue supply. fml! Believe me, it comes in handy, and it sometimes works as a pick up line too. hah

8. Earphones. I am not an earphone type person, but since my phone's got radio, I decided to listen to my own playlists on hfm, and my ads. self centered much? I don’t listen to radio shows since I think it may influence on the way I host shows.

9. A really old Hello Kitty coin purse. I have had this since I was 7, and I absolutely love it.

10. A nail cutter, I am obsessed with my nails since I stopped biting them, somewhere around late 2008’s. So, now even when I am in class, I file my nails. Gah!

11. A pen, pencil and a highlighter. I am a writer (not the kind who is a published famous writer, not yet!) and so I take notes, design stuff on the go, and these are my second best friends.

12. Card Holder. I haven’t found a wallet that I like yet, so this now doubles as my card holder and wallet, and its fugly. fml

13. Mirror. Mirror mirror in my bag, what shall I do without thee?

14. A book. Right now, it’s Intrigue, a Mills and Boon book I borrowed from Shahu. I am a book worm, and am proud of it. >.<

That concludes the usual items I carry around. It changes according to where I go, and what dress I am wearing, and also according to the circumstances, and my mood.

PS, I am hopefully going to leave for Hay Festival in a couple of hours, and I hope I meet new people. =D


  1. I will stand by you and your blog no matter what!

    This is one of the best blogs in Maldives. Kudos.

  2. hehe, so much stuff!
    mine has my camera, lip balm, wallet and an umbrella!
    it must take ages for you to find things!

  3. I can confirm you have a reader ... :)

  4. Btw ... Remember this ... ???

  5. @Admirer,Awwh. I am truly honored to have an admirer. Thankyou. =D

    @Mini, I know. Actually, it isn't that hard, but yeah, sometimes finding the smallest things take ages, but I've gotten used to it now.
    I should also carry an umbrella, but I never remember. =D

    @Subcorpus, Thankyou. ;)

  6. me too reads ur blogg.. and gud that ur used to finds stuffx easily .. evn i hav lots in ma bag and for me it takes ages to find things .. eheh

  7. how do u survive with all dat in ur bag?.. lemme know within how min or hours u find ur fone wen its ringin n while u r walkin sumwhere i a hurry lol! :P nice post n nice idea

  8. @subcorpus, I've never seen the blog post before. haha. I was a girl guide, so I guess, the "Be Prepared" thing got carried away. haha.

    @Dhona, bag's pretty organized. =P and thankyou!

    @Blacky, I think it works the other wya, how can I survive with nothing in my bag?=P I keep my phone in the front pocket, so it's easy, plus most of the time, I carry my phone in my hand. Thanks.

  9. don't worry, your readers won't runaway so quickly hehe!

    ooh your phone looks like one of those Sidekicks from Gossip Girl which used to be seen in the earlier seasons... now they're all about BlackBerrys'. i've LOVED those kinda phone s forever...wanted a Sidekick always...but they're not available in Asia i think... plus after i got an iPhone im kinda biased XD but would love to have one as a side phone hahaha!

    lol @ your tissue pkt being a pickup line. wow i never thought of it that way but yes back in school a lot of cute guys got talking to me becoz i was the tissue queen.. wouldn have happened otherwise! *sigh* so thanks to tissue i guess lmao! (damn i sound like loser -_- ) but yeah *hi5* fellow tissue queen.

    how was hay festival?

  10. Naina:
    haha. I am glad.

    yes yes, I've wanted a side kick since forever,but it looks like they are not available anymore, and I love this phone.
    very english series-ey.

    haha. it was once. Tissue queen? lol isnt that awesome?

  11. i love that phone!
    i want it >.<

    @mini umbrella ey? what? in ur bag?

  12. Iththi: ah. It;s very very girly. =P


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