Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day 26

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What do I think about my friends? Hmm.
I believe that my friends are one of my biggest strength, but sometimes they are also my weakness. I’ve met different types of people over the last eighteen years, and I have made a lot of friends, of different ages, backgrounds, and personalities.
I can honestly say all my friends are not exactly “good” friends. Some of them are otherwise, but nevertheless, I’ve been loyal to my friends as much as I can, and that has landed me in trouble many a times.
But over the years, I have learnt a bit about trust and loyalty, and have seen the bad side (well, some of it) of the world, and it has changed my view about my friends. I do judge people sometimes, but often with time, it changes.
My old friends, those who knew me since I was a kid, are the ones that will always stay close to my heart. Though our friendship has sailed long away, you guys are still the ones who know me the best, and the ones I’ll always drift back to.
Then the ones I met as a teen, well pre teen are the ones who taught me about life, about being a girl, and I can never repay you guys. You guys are great, and I love you for standing up to me throughout the years, and through my lame mistakes and unforgivable stuff.
Then are my current circle of friends, who understands me so well. I know I don’t have to pretend to be someone else with you guys, and even though sometimes I babble and keep doing things I shouldn't, you always stay beside me, and guide me. I love you for that.
Overall, I can say that I am lucky to be blessed by so many good friends, and I hope I’ll never do anything to hurt you on purpose, and if I have (and I know I have done some very mean things that perhaps I shouldn’t) I am truly sorry.


  1. childhood frnds ..some way or the other become the best of frnds dho hama .. :)

  2. @dhona, yeah. You can never let them go, I guess. =D


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