Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day 27

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why am I doing this 30 day challenge?
I started the challenge, because in spite of how this blog is supposed to be my “personal” blog, I hardly write anything about myself. OK, maybe sometimes i do, but mostly it’s about how my day was or just some random topic. So, I wanted to give you guys a different perspective of me!
Well, anther reason was I love challenges, and this one had so many fun days. I am so far loving doing this.
Also I wanted to be a regular updater (every-day) but apparently I’m not. Still, it feels good to have had so many regular updates. =D
I also want to thank the readers, who read this blog no matter how lousy I am at updating this. Thanks for being awesome. ^^


  1. whether its about u or hw ur day went .. i lurv reading ya blog ..and even i feel like updating regularly but sumtimes jus cant do tht ..ehehe ..keep bloggin

  2. only 3 days to go ...
    best of luck !!!

  3. hahah .. way to go gurl ... and your welcome

  4. I love reading your random topics! (: I hope you keep this up cos' you are actually a lot more regular with updates than most bloggers I see!

  5. Dhona:
    Thankyou. haha. I know how that feels. =D

    Thankyou!! ^^

    yayy!! >.<

    Great to know someone does. (= I try quite had. Thanks. ^^

  6. I suppose if u challenge yourself, its a whole lot easier to get the work done!
    And i love your blog too! =)

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  8. Shams:
    yeah it is. =D thankyou.

  9. loved this 30 day challenge thingie! ive yet to start it :$ hope you still do update often even after you're done with this. love reading all the posts about you btw :D

  10. Naina:
    yayy. thanks. you should. I would love to read it.


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