Sunday, October 3, 2010

October Fest


So, I skipped the September goals, only to find myself getting tied down with the lack of goals and direction in life. Believe me, last month was horrible. Hopefully this month it’ll be better. I am a little in posting this, but hey better late than never.

So, here goes

1. Finish all assignments one day before the due date.

I am a procrastinator, and not proud to be one. Still, pressure makes me work better, but let’s not let pressure do all the work.

2. Study more according to the schedule

Not something I have been able to do for a long time. * sigh*

3. Finish all works

Home, College and even in office.

4. Buy stationary, make up, etc

Seriously, I keep splurging in cab rides and doughnuts, that I now have to borrow pencils from classmates, and wear nothing but orange eye shadow. –_- sheesh

5. Don’t procrastinate

*self explanatory*

6. Update blog regularly

I know I’ve been a bad blogger, as I kinda stopped by half through the 30 day challenge, blame it on the dude, who now has my camera, AND pen drive. *gosh!* as soon as I get them back, new posts! yay!!

Wish me luck! and Happy new month. What do you hope to do this October?


  1. 1st , 2nd goal of ur had always been in ma list of goals but never be able to do it like u had said ..ehhe and yeahh 6th aswell .. and gudluck wiv it .. =) ..

  2. you mean a little late dhoa ??? hehe ...
    best of luck ...
    but just wanna point out that nobody has ever been able to do #3 ... :)

  3. nice list! hehe. hope everything goes according to plan! :)
    im just hoping very much for the wishlist of mine this month ahha. :)

  4. @Dhona, haha. Yeah, thanks. =D

    @Subcorpus, oh yeah. Thanks. I donno how I didnt see that. >.<
    Really? I thought the 6th was the unable to do thing. O.o

    @Ieccco, me too. thanks. and best of luck with that.

  5. "buy stationery and make up"
    ^^ do you love stationeries too? as in you just can't get enough of 'em? even when u dont really need em?
    jus asking cuz im a stationery addict myself :$

  6. lol!!! nice list u got there... n i wanna give u a BIG GUDLUCK to achieve them... hehehehe and yea gudluck with the shoppin for makeup n all too.. keep ur eyes open for anythin other than orange lol ^_^ take care
    happy bloggin

  7. @naina, yes yes! seriously, we have so much in common. =D

    @Blacky, Thankyou. haha, I've had more than enough orange to last a lifetime. =P to you too. =D


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