Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 28

a picture of me last year and this year, hmm.
Here’s me last year at CHSE futsal tournament

and here’s me this year.

I haven’t changed much, except I’ve now learned to smile showing my teeth, haha.
But I have changed so much. I have become more mature, unfortunately (according to certain classmates) and I’ve started taking life more seriously. *sigh* Also I think my fashion sense has changed too. I’m still matchy, but I take risks, and I wear loads of color. well, that’s me.
PS I had the worst presentation today. I’m still hoping for an HD in MO. Gee


  1. you look all the same except for the smile hehehe! smile more with teeth! =D i have a problem with smiling without teeth :( too much teeth aint good either

    worst presentation and you're still hoping for an HD? *faints* you're too smart!!!

  2. Naina:
    yepp. haha. hmm, I shall learn that.

    well, I got pretty good marks in the midsems, and the final is the biggest one, so I can hope, eh!

  3. Awh, You look much prettier with the big smile! I say teeth smile more often. Good luck with the thingy! :D

  4. aah well, everyone changes as they grow up, and glad that you are liking the new you! :)
    and shud take risks, otherwise life is boring!

  5. like othrs hav said .. ur cute with the new teeth smile .. sumthing im not ..i always smile without teeth ..and gud luck =)

  6. Ieccco:
    yeah, thanks. I do agree. here's to a not boring life. =D

    heh. thanks.

  7. smile with teeth is much better!

    n i think youve lost a lil weight. dho?

  8. hehe ... kewl ... yeah u havent changed much ...

  9. mini:
    haha. yes, I have lost around 2 kg's. I'm even lighter now *sigh*

    isn't it good? =P


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