Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 30

And, behold! The final day of the 30 days “ME” challenge.
What is my favorite song? huh? This is interesting for a last day.
Currently my favorite song is “Can’t be Tamed” by Miley Cyrus. This song is so much related to my life the past few days. Right now, not really that much, but I still love it.
However my favorite song of all times would be Crush, by David Archuleta and Tera Intezaar by Rahul Vaidya. These two songs sum of part of my love life. ha!
The one song that would apply to me right now would be unfortunately “Baby” by Justin Bieber. I never thought a day would come when I would say this, but the lyrics kinda is the same as my life’s lyrics right now.
PS exam in two days. Wish me luck!
PPS2, that picture has nothing to do with the post. Donuts however belong everywhere, so there you go!
PS3, since the challenge is over, I am hopefully gonna stick to regular updates, so check this place every Saturday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!


  1. BABY BY JUSTIN BEIBER? hahaha.. Now you really are sticking to the name your classmates gave you :P

    Anyways I have always LOVED the song Crush by David Archuleta!! But Miley not so much.

  2. finallly the challenges over right .. and bestaluck for the upcuming exams and will keep luking forward for updates

  3. ieccco: haha. totally! lol.
    how can one not love the song? =D and yeah, miley's not everyone's favorite, but I have some "liking disney stars who are same age as me" thing going on there.

    Dhona: YES! ha. It was very fun to do it. Thanks! sure. =D

  4. same 'Crush'.

    hope your exams went well!

  5. Naina: yay! It is going good, thanks


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