Wednesday, May 28, 2014

DYMag May Issue

It was last May that we released the very first issue of DYMag. I did some layouts, Wuff the others and it was seriously terrible. I'm not even lying. I'm not ashamed at how terrible it was. It was a start nevertheless and since then we've got nowhere but forward. We improved so much on everything from layout to content to the team itself. Started with just three people with a vision, we have made it a team of 10 and we haven't looked back, till now. 

As we released the anniversary issue yesterday, I felt a surge of emotions, bittersweet. The magazine looks amazing and I have to give all credit to Imy who is a wonder, he really is. The editing team has done so well and mostly the contributors, they are one of the main reasons we survive. They are the talent, they are everything and there is no word that I can say that can sum up just how thankful I am to them. To everyone for helping us reach this goal. We have so much more to grow, the stars to shoot for but right now, right this moment, I am content. I am happy and I am just and it's beautiful. 

So, moving on to the contents. We prepared a collage of covers for the cover and if I had to choose a favourite cover, it has to be Space Parade one! so good plus it was such a fun shoot. Toby has become part of our team now and we love that guy so much. The mag starts with a very hauntingly beautiful piece by Suma. The story gave me the chills. Next up are the reviews and Abo can review. He makes me want to watch Captain America while listening to House of Balloons by the Weeknd. We introduced a whole new segment called on DYM's radar, which highlights some trending topics of the month. Plus the layout looks delicious! 

Ask DYM has been getting really weird questions and it's fun to see what Muranga Gasdhoshu Maalimee has to say about them, haha. Also find a really cheesy sappy anniversary story that I wrote. I am a sucker for thanking and for nostalgia. The next article is in Dhivehi and it's brilliant. It's about the story of a bird that became extinct. More serious articles follow about feminism, disappearing social grace, and about self discovery. 

This issue also shows some really cool "manly" stuff like bike profiles and stats about gaming industry. It ends with an article about how to be happy and with a poem about cowards. Talk about variety! You can read the magazine HERE

At last, I would like to take this moment to thank all the readers of the magazine. You keep us going. Thank you. 
What is your favourite thing about this issue?

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