Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Common Discrimination

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It always keeps me thinking that while in secondary and higher secondary schools, why does schools give priority to science students?
I have been to exactly 3 schools in my secondary and higher secondary level.
While in Grade 7 I didnt find any such thing but just when I went to grade 8, they chose prefects and me being a commerce girl didn't get it. None of the commerce people were given a chance, but 25 people were selected from science.
When I came to Ahmadhiyya, it was the just the same thing. Giving priority to science students. Not only in one thing, but in every single thing, like having extra classes whenever they wanted but we can't even have one cos when we ask the answer we get is "Sorry. the Teacher's are busy these days". Arrrgh. But finally when the O level results came we were better than them, More commerce students got in Top ten as well as passed and go chance to CHSE.
And then now in CHSE, We are again discriminated. You might tell there are more students in science thats why, but thats not the point. You might as well see there are only 30 prefects in the business stream whie there are more than 100 in the science. Not because we didnt apply for it. Many people in our calss applied( Even some who got brilliance award) but only 3 got it. (Only 3 from A class, jst wonder ehen class thakuge haalu?)
I just wonder what good the science students do to the school? Why this discrimination?
I bet it'll be hard to find a commerece student who haven't faced this.
P.S All science bloggers out there, Its just a thought and I don't hate you guys. :)
Double P.S Just one day to go for S1


  1. is it so?
    now that you have mentioned it, yes, there are actually less commerce prefects than science ones
    and posts too, only one from commerce and all the others from my site i guess

    i just had the idea that commerce students preferred that way
    i guess not

  2. when i was in chse i didnt see the discrimination u have mentioned here. Commerce ppl were equally active than the science ppl.

    good luck in S1 once again!

  3. @ Mini
    Yeah we didnt want that, but guess it's so. :).

    @ Grysko
    Yeah actually one can say that we are as active as science students, :P,

  4. that's cos we rock in so many ways! :P [kidding :P]

  5. @ Arky
    Hehe. ya i do admit you guys rock. :P

  6. hmm.. ive heard these stuff too..
    but naseebakunnn..
    hulhumale' scul ga commerce kudhin aa maa molhu than science kudhin... ginaposts ves from commerce stream..
    specially in our gradee....
    and im glad our scul ga egothah noanna kan..

    and gud luck for u guyss..

  7. @ Lilly
    Its great that your skl doesnt have such a thing. =)


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