Friday, May 23, 2008

Exams and Exams!!!!

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Well, these days are super filled with stuff like b days and picnics and blah blah not to mention the over stream of Exams.
The naughty twins and half of the people at home moved to another place. Its really "Falhu" without them, but at least I can learn lessons in peace, :P
And when they moved, they gave a surprise for me, Guess what? A room, Yes, Now I have my own room. ^.^, Its lovely , cute , lil and cosy and today I was busy moving stuff around the house. Taking up all my books and blah blahs and putting them into places at my room. I made Muntha help me by promising a treat and we had an indoor lil picnic with lots and lots of coke, her fav milkshake and a lot of snacks. Mom even made Sandwich, (So Sweet of her) and we had a kinda family reunion thing:P
So tomorrows gona be a big day, Its a cousins b day as well as my best friend's b day. I need to think of something soon. Really Soon.
And after so many days I finally made a scrapbook page and my good for nothing scanner is "Govaafa", may take days to post it here. Arrgh
Islam test is on Sunday and It is just too boring. She just finished the chapter yesterday and blah blah and we need to learn all that stuff. :(
And one day on MSN I met this guy whom I even donnno and he was telling that he has seen me once and that he really likes me and loves me. Yikes, and well he's after my life. Eww. I really dont believe in this "Love at first Sight" theory and hate those ppl who ask whetherI wanna be their girl friend over internet. I mean what the hell is wrong with them?
I finished Business AS yesterday and it was a blast. The only paper whichIm expecing an "A". I was in exam hall and I forgot to bring a ruler and eraser. Since it was business I thought that I wont need a ruler and I wont have enought time to write in pencil and then erase it so I won't even need an eraser. There were 3 papers and each peper 1 hour.And 60 marks, and we had 8 quesions (long essay type). I was able to complete first two papers on time. When the last paper came I was shocked. Oops. there was a diagram to draw, Ugh. With no ruler and no eraser I drew the diagram using my ID card. Thank god it was there. and Iwas actually able to get the diagram correct. Yea!.
Hmm, that is a long post.


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