Saturday, May 17, 2008

Were You Born Brave?

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(Looking at this picture makes me feel Guilty, ^.^)

So Its been a very funny week, most of the time me bunking classes. :P (So Gigaflare I have admitted it myself) hehe. Stat Exam was easier than expected and hope to get a "B". Hmm, now Busines exam is on 22nd, So got to learn for it. I wonder why people say its difficult, for me I have always got wihter a "B" or an "A".
Can't think of anything else to write. Tomorrow is Nax's (Naxma, a classmate of mine and a realli sweet friend) b day and I need to make a card ASAP. Thesse days I havent even tried to make card but guess I have to make one for her. Hmm, I 'll post is tomorrow, If i ever do it. :P


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