Sunday, May 11, 2008

Just Wondering

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As the saying goes that for every action there's a reaction or something like that, i guess some proverbs are conflicting, like people saying that "Practice makes Perfect" and the Saying that "No body is Perfect" totally contradicts. Why do we need practice if perfect doesn't even exist? I am totally against the theory that perfect does not exist. I believe it's there every where. Look at yourself, the perfect creation of god.
Another thing I keep wondering is about people who think life is unfair  I mean thinking that how unfair life is while you are a good person is just like thinking a hungry lion won't eat you cos you are a vegetarian. So stupid dho?
There are actually nothing which makes sense to every one. (My Theory) hehe
So I have had this listening exam and as usual it so boring and I can't really make out those accents. :(. Im just so tired of all studying but I kinda enjoy it. Three days to go for Stat exam and I haven't yet bought the past paper! Any ways, Good luck to all of you out there for your exams. :)


  1. SO it means even the proverbs are not perfect dho. So sad. But what you are talking about is really interesting and i like the way you have presented it with examples. Like it dear. Awarded a badge for it. See mine!

  2. @ Little Sir
    Im happy you liked it. Thanks. :)

  3. Well there are a millions of sayings out there coined by millions of people! these sayings are hypothetical n meant to lead ur thoughts in a particular direction. they r not statements of unshakable truths! we are supposed to grasp the right meaning, in the context of its usage. for instance, ‘practice makes us perfect’ means the more we practice the better we become till hopefully we will become perfect as per our capabilities! This however, does not mean that nobody else can be better! they will always be someone better because s/he is more capable. that is why the saying, ‘nobody is perfect!!!’

    ....I am totally aginst the thery that perfect does not exist. I believe it's there every where. Look at yourself, the perfect creation of god.... Here I disagree with you to its fullest. Well, if I look at myself n others right now, what i see is not the perfect creation of god. Instead, i see how weak we are when compared to all other things. Yeas, we have a brain, but dont know how to use it. I dont call 'this' as a perfect creation with all these weaknesses behind it.

    Now go n buy your past papers n start studying stats. [ its really boring with those data collection, probability n those hypothesis. ]

    anyway, goodluck in it :D

  4. @ grysco
    Yeah I guess so.And thanks.

  5. hey shaha...

    umm that action and reaction one? that's no proverb. :P that's Newton's Third Law. physics. :P

  6. @ Arky
    Hmm, Newton as Isaac Newton? :P (Guess i should learn physics. This third law sounds quite interestgin):P


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