Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Magic in the Air

Is this magic? Can anyone explain how this is possible?
P.S It surely is fantastic.


  1. This cant be possible dho. Cox where is the water coming from. Is it from air? No!! the amount of water in air cant make so pressure water.

  2. @ Little Sir
    hehe, actually there is a transparent pipe from the tap to pool which is holding the tap in mid air. :P

  3. i know how they did this! :D it's a kind of old and ancient brand of magic called.... 'Photoshop! O_O [:P]

  4. @ Arky:
    Well u are wrong, it exixts, this is no photoshop miracle. Hehe. Its just some architectural thing. :P

  5. i agree with arkturus.. or its just a visual illusion.. at that exact angle it looks 3d but while it might just be a drawing...

  6. @ apple: yeah its actually hard to believe this as real, but this is the creativity of an architect. Its a real thing, not a drawing. =)


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