Saturday, May 10, 2008

Where The Rainbow Ends..............

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Have you ever wondered what is there where the rainbow ends?
I have known from childhood folk tales that there's a pot of gold where the rainbow ends, and I guess it's a belief of the Irish people. They have this belief of some S. Patrick's day and has something to do with some Irish folk tale creature named leprechaun who has buried treasure at the end of rainbow. However, this theory is totally insane by my terms as I don't think anybody has ever found out the end of rainbow not to mention the pot of gold.
The phrase "There's always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow" can be a proverb, quite a motivating proverb. In my terms I think that if there's a pot of gold people would surely go to find it which I'd like to call as hard work. And then if they've worked that far they will find it which I term as success. So this proverb is one of all those proverbs motivating us that only hard work can lead to success. Just like the saying goes, "Buramasakkathuge meyva fonivaaneyey"


  1. I like your explanation of it. Very well theorized. But actually a rainbow does nt hv an end because it's really a circle. The full circle of arc cant be seen from the ground but may be observed from an airplane.

    The center of the circle is always at a point in the sky opposite the sun. The size of the visible portion of the rainbow depends on the altitude of the sun, being largest when the sun is @ the horizon.

    So in my theory, it says it just shows our dreams. The never ending curve of it. :P not the gold pot!!

  2. its a fulll circle?? i don think..ive seen a rainbow once wen on the was half one...o may b the other half was too lazy to come up..kekke

  3. @ grysko
    Is it a circle? I never knew that Thanks and i like your thery too. :P

    @ Summer
    May be it was shy to show its face to u, :P. hehe

    Thanks for commenting guys

  4. Ooo...Muuthi ah ves hama fehnanee ebai abadhu..plane ga viyas..ehen thaaku viyas..and btw..i was wondering rainbow eh reygandu fehna nama varah salhi vaane dhoa...ekamu its visible because of reflection of light dhoa :D :D

  5. gurrlu...
    actully ur theory is right
    but u missed the part where.. the pots burried were not visibly seen
    but whn the sun shines on dem...
    volia!! cums d rainbow...
    its a folklore like u said..
    but technically dere IS a pot of god at the rainbow...

  6. @ Tazu..
    yeah.. Im not a very technical person.. But i love the folklore... the pot of gold, and the rainbow... and u too... =P


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