Thursday, May 8, 2008

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Tonight my exams are officially starting with CPE Listening. As per the previous class tests I did great in listening(managed to get more than 20 from 28). I wish tonight too I could do great. The most funny thing is that in the last part of listening they play a conversation between two people, always a girl and boy, (For Eg: Ali and Sama) and some statements would be given and you'd have to write the letter(For eg: A for Ali, and S for Sama, and B where they both agree), and the names given are very confusing that I cant even tell who's the girl and who's the boy.! Hehe.
These days I cant even participate in challenges as I'm too busy studying for exams. I hope I'll get the results for which I'm hoping.
P.S Next sem we are moving to the new site and I don't like to go there.:(
P.S.S This post is my 10th post. :)


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