Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Update on Exams 1

Umm, So almost one third of the exams are over and yet two thirds more including 3 AS level exmas. Duh! Why do we have to do so many exams? I wanna live in an Exam Free World. [=P]

Updates on Previous Exams:

Islam: It was freaking hard. To bad I didnt learn much. Wrote some stupid answers too. Hope to get a "C".[Sheesh]

Dhivehi: Damn Easy, Mazmoonu was just so so easy that I first rote a rough one in Pencil and then pen it. And about the Autobiography, that was it. I donno what a bee does in his life[Im not much of a honey fan and I haven't watched the "Bee Movie"] and the drama was too boring so I wrote the autoiography of that Muhlis Guy and yet I was able to finish the paper half an hour before time and when I looked through the hall found that almost everyone has finished. Why can't they actually give less time for Dhivehi Exam and More for Business!One good thing was that first time ever we did Exam in hall but not in Stage. It felt good. The second paper was too easy and we has to do the per in the Student's room. Eww. That place is so so hot. [In Case of Fire Please Use Fire Exits, =P].Hoping for an "A".

Accounting:This is one paper for which I never even touched the book. Still, the paper was really really easy. We had to sit in the very back of the hall and some people could actually copy. WoW. And something not too nice happened. There is this little Teacher who teaches English and who is pretty fond of me. And She was in Hall stapling papers. I usually carry all my belongings to exam hall so that I don't have to disturb anyone for anything and this miss just came and told that "She is a very good girl. She brings everything"her finger pointed to me. Talk about embarrasement. [0.o]

Gotta get ready for CPE[my least favoirte subject]. ^.^


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